Why SAM on Board

Let me tell you my story

Hi, my name is Eric

A few years ago, I had severe asthma attacks that led to hospitalizations in the emergency and pneumonia department. I specify that I am not asthmatic. After a multitude of exams, the pulmonologist told me that I was suffering from a syndrome that triggers asthma attacks when taking certain medications. Since I do not want this disease to be a hindrance to my need to travel, I translated on paper, in the language of the country where I was, the name of the syndrome that is definitely part of my life and the products that can trigger asthma attacks.

Later, while I was at the Orly airport, I met a Spanish couple who was panicked when I got off the plane. They spoke only their mother tongue and did not know how to explain their problem. I asked them what was going on and the lady told me that the company had forgotten her luggage in Barcelona and that all her medicines were inside. I told her where the airport emergency department was so that she could explain the situation to them and be prescribed the appropriate treatment. I then realized that I was far from being the only one to know this anxiety of not being understood abroad in case of a medical emergency. That's when I decided to start creating a simple and intuitive mobile application that could make life easier for people who are sick or allergic.

After a year of work, I'm happy to introduce you to Sam on Board. It is a free application that records your health information (medical treatment, allergies and diseases) and translates them into the language of the country in which you are traveling. Of course, the application is made so that the information is stored in your phone and can not be shared. You can modify your profile at any time and you will not receive any commercial steps. This is not in my philosophy and I did not wait for the establishment of the RGPD (general regulation of data protection) to decide. This application is a pocket translator that can be used offline and contains a basic medical questionnaire that will allow a doctor who does not speak the same language as you to make a first diagnosis based on the information you have incorporated into the application and questions he can ask you via the speech synthesizer.