Free, confidentiality, serenity

Travel without any stress


No money will be required. Neither your email nor your bank details will be requested for the application. I want this application to be useful to you and participate fully in your pleasure of traveling.


No information you select from the list of allergies and diseases will be shared. The Sam on Board app is designed so that no information can be hacked. Why and how: being concerned, I do not want my personal information shared and / or resold for commercial purposes. This is why the entire list of allergies and diseases is fully integrated into the application as well as translations and you select only the part that concerns you. Like that, it is impossible to trace the information. I did not wait for the establishment of the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) to adopt this philosophy.


The SAM on board application is loaded? You know that your allergies and diseases will be translated and that you will be able to communicate with a doctor of the country in which you are thanks to the basic medical questionnaire offered.